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Monday, 01/02/2006 - 11:26 p.m.

2005 was an excellent year for the destruction of some of my personal relationships. Looking back right now, January 2, 2006, I cannot honestly say I regret any of it. I regret the manner and way some of them died but I don't regret the deaths.

The divorce from my ex-husband, while hurtful and painful at points last year, also turned out to be very liberating for me and for him. I heard a rumor that he is moving back to the land of the RedWings and I really hope it will be everything he's built it up in his mind to be.

DC and his girlfriend had a great time on their mini-vacation and I'm glad. She and I don't speak to each other these days and I'm OK with that. I know she blames me for everything that goes wrong between her and DC when things don't go as smooth as she wants. DC getting blown by a 3rd party without her permission back in October was not my fault, just like DC standing her up for a pretty big dungeon party back in July was also not my fault. Those are the 2 big ones that come immediately to mind. I know she also believes that I'm out to sabotage their relationship every chance I get. I wonder how much her belief system would change if she knew that the romantic Xmas mini-vacation she and my husband took together was my suggestion?

The one I'm most disappointed over is my relationship with my ex-husband's fiancee. I think (and I'm still pondering over this point) what disappoints me most is she's not a stand-up guy. The Jewish word is "mensch". She was the first one of the blogging crowd that I read to say "Hey, whoa, wussies, if you don't like what I'm writing, stop reading my shit" and I admired the hell out of her for that. Now she's the main one bellyaching about what *I* write. She's not practicing what she's preaching, as childish as that phrase is, on several things (not just the diary issue). As if I'm holding a gun to her head and shrieking, "Read it! Read my diary now! Check it 8 times a day obsessively or until re-reading it makes you paranoid and pissed off, whichever comes first! READ IT NOW!". Feh. Laria the red-haired girl said it best years ago..."whatevah".

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