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Thursday, 12/29/2005 - 4:49 p.m.

The Boy got his fist all the way in me last night, for the first time. YAY! I sucked him off twice in 2 hours, which is a personal record. Double YAY! He's usually a one-shot wonder, so to speak, and I'm feeling all smug today.

DC and his girlfriend have been gone since yesterday and I'm not missing him yet. I will by this time tomorrow for sure, but for now I'm enjoying being a single gal. I've cleaned, done laundry, gone grocery shopping, got my oil changed and had a ball all by myself. I did go sniff his pillow last night before bed, though.

We won't be going to Lucy's party on NYE since someone else has jumped on the bandwagon and complained about me possibly being there. Feh. I was really looking forward to open play space that's not a little apartment where the neighbors can overhear you and being around SSC people who won't walk through your backswing and won't hit you with theirs and know what safewords are. The whiner/drama factor outweighs any good scene time, though, and no matter how much I stay quiet and out of everyone's way, *someone* is going to bitch about my mere presence tainting her/his ambiance. *eye roll* Hell with that.

I'd much rather go hang out with the GLBT crowd. I'm *so* excited about DC finally getting to meet the Hornsby Lesbians! I'm tickled he gets to meet the whole group, too, but specifically the Hornsby Lesbians because they rock.

2006 isn't even here yet and it's going to be a kick-ass year...I can feel it.

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