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Sunday, 12/25/2005 - 5:57 p.m.

Xmas at my mother's rocked. She cooked a feast and one of our oldest neighbors came by. Our neighbor does almost the same job I will be doing so I picked her brain for a good hour. A cousin I haven't seen in years and my brother's girlfriend were there, too. MyRu totally rocks and I hope my brother hangs on to her. We opened presents and laughed and took pics and *ate*. Much better Xmas than last year.

My ex-husband dropped by there earlier in the day to talk to my mother and give her gift. Mama debated on not telling me he came by and I assured her that discussing my ex didn't bother me anymore. I told her the whole Visa fiasco made up my mind 100% about him and that he was no longer my problem. We also talked about her job and DC's job, and talked seriously about my and DC's marriage.

DC and I opened presents this morning and had a grand time. As much as I loved having the old house full of people at Xmas, being alone this morning was really good, too. We both miss the Boy but we'll do our Xmas on Tuesday.

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