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Tuesday, 12/20/2005 - 4:03 p.m.

The Boy's biopsy on his right lower quandrant mass was scheduled for yesterday. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am and at 9:30 after all the prep work was done, Dr. E said he was cancelling the biopsy. He recommended an appendectomy instead. Dude, that's a helluva jump from an in-and-out local procedure to an overnight-stay-knock-you-out procedure. Dr. E said the mass looked to be sitting on the Boy's appendix and an appendectomy would be the best course of action, in his opinion. He discharged the Boy and we went for breakfast.

We had to meet with Dr. G after 1:30 to discuss what to do now in light of Dr. E's findings. Dr. G said the dreaded procedure...colonoscopy. The colonoscopy will be done first, and then the next day the Boy will be operated on. It has to be determined via colonoscopy if the mass is attached or not to the large intestine. Either way, the mass will be removed via surgery. If the appendix (or any surrounding tissue) looks funky, then it all will come out, too. Everything will be sent to pathology to check for cancer. Dr. G said there was an extremely low chance of the mass being cancerous but since the Boy has had cancer before, it still has to be removed and tested. Feh.

We were super-cuddly and lovey yesterday and I could not hold him enough. The procedures won't be happening until January but I still need to tell him every day that he's not alone this time and DC and I will be with him every step of the way.

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