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Thursday, 12/15/2005 - 8:00 p.m.

Lucy called me out of the blue today to run an issue by me that she was having and I admire the hell out of her for tackling the problem head-on. She wants to have a play party at her house and is inviting my ex-husband and his fiancee, and me and DC. Apparently the ex and co. wigged over the idea of me being there and Lucy wanted to know if I would wig at the idea of them being there. I told her she paid her own rent, it was her house, she could invite anyone she damn well pleased and anyone who didn't like that didn't have to attend. I also told her I would abide by any rules she and her husband (as DMs) laid down and if there were people there I didn't like I didn't have to be around them. Her house is plenty big enough for everyone to find somewhere to be. I find lots of people in the local scene to be completely repellant but that doesn't stop me from going to any event I really want to attend.

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