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Monday, 12/05/2005 - 12:56 p.m.

DC was the victim of credit card fraud 2 weeks ago and the thief ran up a chunk of change in his name. All of those charges were declared fraudulent and just to be safe, he requested a copy of his credit report to make sure there were no new accounts opened in his name. To make sure I didn't get dinged by the thief, we requested a copy of my credit report, too.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I found I was still listed on the ex-husband's Visa account, an account that he was supposed to have removed my name from almost a year ago when we first filed divorce papers. Further imagine the hysteria that ensued when I called Visa and found out I was equally responsible in Visa's eyes for the $11,000 that my ex-husband ran up all on his own.

I closed the account Wednesday and asked my ex-husband to meet me after he got off work so I could tell him. Visa will send him a letter telling him exactly what I told him but I wanted to be a stand-up guy, tell him face to face, and not hide behind the letter.

When I told him what happened to DC, I also told him what I saw on my credit report about the Visa. When I asked him *WHY* my name was still on the Visa, his reply was "I called and they said I'd have to close the account and cancel the card and re-open a new account. I had some things tied to that Visa and I just didn't get around to it.". I said "I may just be crazy, but didn't you tell me that you would destroy the cards with my name on them and get my name off of all those accounts? Am I remembering that right?" and he said "Yes, you're remembering right but I just didn't get around to it.". I then told him I had closed the account. He says he didn't leave my name on the account maliciously, but at what dollar amount do your actions become malicious? I also brought my copy of the divorce papers to show him the section about "Debts", and how each party agreed to not run up any future joint debt.

What a frickin' mess.

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